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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An exchange at Les Huguenots

On the damp campus of Bard, where four performances of Les Huguenots are a highlight of this year's Summerscape Festival, illustrating the theme of influences on Richard Wagner (while he rolls in his grave), I ran into many, many friends.

Neil and James: Are you familiar with Meyerbeer's music?

Moi: Am I familiar with Meyerbeer's music?! Why, I had it with my mother's milk (between Cole Porter numbers). I even sang Meyerbeer at my bar mitzvah, instead of that tedious old Biblical exegesis.

Neil: What did you sing? "Si j'étais coquette"?

James: No - he sang "Prëtres de Baal."

Perhaps you'd have to know my rabbi to understand why this was so funny.

All right - full disclosure - I do not have a rabbi and I never had a bar mitzvah. But I am fond of Meyerbeer (up to a point). And I do have witty friends.


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